GB News: Neil Oliver says 'until the day I day I will consider myself to be British'

Neil Oliver was asked about his controversial lockdown views on newly-launched GB News.

Scottish TV presenter Neil Oliver addressed his thoughts on lockdown and Scottish Independence during his GB News debut.

The former president of the National Trust for Scotland has joined the newly-launched news channel and was interviewed by Andrew Neil on its launch day.

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Mr Oliver has come under fire for his controversial lockdown views – he told the Herald it was the ‘single biggest mistake in world history’.

When asked about being in the middle of controversy, Mr Oliver said: “It’s most unexpected. Either by accident or design, I seem to have moved on.

"Sometime in the last 18 months or two years I seem to have come to the fore with opinions, and they are my opinions and they will be honestly expressed.

"But what matters to me most of all is that people talk to me all the time, they come up to me when I’m out walking my dogs, when I’m in the supermarket.

"I know they have a deep need to have their point of view expressed and that they’re not hearing it. They no longer feel that their voices or voices like theirs are out in the mainstream.

Neil Oliver has joined GB NewsNeil Oliver has joined GB News
Neil Oliver has joined GB News

"So I feel, beyond responsibility, an obligation to bring their voices to the fore because the people I talk to have something to say and it matters to hear it.”

Mr Oliver has been critical of the UK Government’s delay of easing restrictions on June 21 – dubbed Freedom Day – in England.

He said on Twitter: “Politicians have realised they have no need to listen to the electorate. They can and will do as they please and may perpetuate this situation indefinitely. Where do we go from here?”

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But when presented with evidence that most people support lockdowns, Mr Oliver said “polls shmolls, I don’t believe in polls”.

Mr Neil also asked the author, who lives in Stirling, about his views on Scottish Independence.

The 54-year-old, who had previously called the prospect of IndyRef 2 ‘cancerous’, said: "I’ve always felt British and Scottish at the same time. Until the day I die I will consider myself to be British.”

GB News launched on Sunday evening with former BBC presenter Andrew Neil at the helm.



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