Irn-Bru fans demand return of original recipe drink after parent company's profit warning

One shop was reported to be selling Irn Bru for 3.99 a canOne shop was reported to be selling Irn Bru for 3.99 a can
One shop was reported to be selling Irn Bru for 3.99 a can
Fans of Irn-Bru have urged the makers of Scotland's 'other national drink' to bring back the original recipe after the company reported that profits are likely to be significantly down on last year.

The Cumbernauld based company AG Barr pledged to take action to 'regain momentum' after a year of 'unprecedented' challenge for the soft drinks industry following CO2 shortages and a soft drinks levy known as the 'sugar tax'.

AG Barr warned in a trading update that full year profits could be down as much as 20 per cent on the previous twelve months.

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While there were a number of reasons given for the challenges, unimpressed fans took to social media to urge the company to try and reverse its fortunes by bringing back 'original recipe' Irn Bru.

The iconic fizzy drink was altered to decrease sugar content last year, in a bid to avoid Irn Bru falling victim to the sugar tax, with campaigns to protect 'real' Irn Bru launched, while cans of original recipe Irn Bru now routinely sell for over £5.

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Glasgow shop is selling cans of original recipe Irn Bru for £3.99

Responding to the news of AG Barr's concern over profits and revenue, one Twitter user wrote: "If they had consulted their customers with some market research or a proper consultation then their profits would be up as I'd presume majority would have been happy to keep old recipe and pay the sugar tax.... instead of having the change forced up on us."

Another agreed: "They should have kept the original recipe on sale allowing customers a choice pay a higher price for the sugar loaded version or reduced sugar reduced price. Allow us to make our own choice."

One Tweeter sent their suggestion directly to the Irn Bru account, writing: "Simple resolution. Bring back original recipe #IrnBru brand it as ‘Irn Bru Classic Girder Recipe’, and still make the rest low sugar ones, but make the high sugar one more expensive. You want to add an extra 20p on a can/50p on a 2l bottle? Go ahead! We’ll pay!!"

Others showed their strength of feeling by responding 'good' to the profit warning, or branding the recipe decision 'sacrilege'.

An Irn-Bru fan even said the return of the original recipe would be 'up there with his wedding day'.

A spokesperson from IRN-BRU said: “We believe we made the right decision to reduce the sugar in IRN-BRU and the vast majority of drinkers agree. IRN-BRU sales have been resilient to the wide range of factors affecting our wider business – even the weather.”