Glasgow shop is selling cans of original recipe Irn Bru for £3.99

An entreprenurial Glasgow shopkeeper is selling original recipe can of Irn Bru for the eye-watering price of £3.99.

Shugufta Ahmed is selling Irn Bru for 3.99 a can
Shugufta Ahmed is selling Irn Bru for 3.99 a can

Shugufta Ahmed, the owner of News 24 near Glasgow Central Station is offloading stockpiled sugar-rich versions of Scotland's favourite soft drink for nearly four pounds a can.

She claims that Irn Bru enthusiasts have travelled from far and wide for the fizzy orange beverage and that no one has yet to complain about the sky high price.

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Irn Bru maker Barr first announced in 2018 it would change the formula of Scotland's favourite soft drink, in response to the implementation of a sugar tax intended to reduce obesity.

Some wily Scots have seen the sudden decrease in supply as an opportunity to cash in.

Ahmed said she had initially stockpiled some cans of Irn Bru while they were still in supply.

She said: "I've had people from Aberdeen, Dundee and even customers from down south coming in to buy the drink.

"Some people actually buy it and put it in a case as they believe it will soon be a collector's item.

"We are selling it for £3.99 and I've not had anyone complain about the price yet. They are happy to buy it at that price.

"Some people buy it for friends too. I have about 60 cases left and there are 24 cans in each case.

"People honestly love the taste of it, it's a big treat for them."

Barr reduced the sugar content to less than 5g per 100ml which has made Irn Bru exempt from the tax. The original recipe contained 34g of sugar per can

Once her initial pile of stock ran out Ahmed looked elsewhere for the orange gold.

She added: "I had stocked up Irn Bru during March last year.

"Then during July and August people started buying cases of it and my stock went really low.

"But I managed to find an individual who had stocked up a lot of it so I managed to get it through them."

The expiry date on the cans is June 2019.

Ahmed isn't the only vendor who has attempted to sell the soft drink for an inflated price. On Ebay seller is offering a crate of 24 cans for £54.99, while another online seller has sold 171 crates of eight cans for £27.99.