5 Best Alison Hammond moments from The Great Celebrity Bake Off - including losing the oven door

From losing the oven door to bragging about her natural talents as a baker, here are five of Alison Hammond’s best moments from her time competing in the Bake Off tent.

New Great British Bake Off host Alison Hammond is no stranger to the iconic tent, having taken part in the 2020 celebrity edition of the show.

Hammond went up against YouTuber Joe Sugg, singer James Blunt and TV presenter Alex Jones during series 3 of The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up 2 Cancer.

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Now, as fans eagerly anticipate the show’s return, we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane, looking back at Alison Hammond’s best moments from her time as a baker on the show - since in her own words - we love a bit of drama.

Hammond will take over host duties from Matt Lucas in the upcoming series of Bake Off, joining comedian Noel Fielding alongside judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood in the tent.

While we encourage you to watch the episode (if you haven’t already), here are five of her best moments on The Great British Bake Off — even before we get to see her in action as host.

Bragging about her abilities

During the signature challenge bakers are asked to make traybakes. Hammond sets out to make brownies.

“God, this is just going so well – so smooth. I am literally a natural baker,” she says.

We then see her eat a handful of ingredients, before continuing: “And a natural eater as well!”

As the judges walk around the tent to chat to contestants, Hammond is so confident in her baking skills that she brags to the judges: “I love chocolate brownies; absolutely love them, but any time I go out and out and try a brownie? Never compares to my brownies. And I know that sounds really big-headed.”

Prue then responds: “In three years, I don’t think we’ve ever met anybody with this much confidence.”

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However the only issues judges could find with her brownies was their uneven size and the round was overall a success for Hammond with Leith commenting that they tasted “divine”.

Losing the oven door

Another iconic moment which happens within the first ten minutes of the episode, Hammond loses her oven door.

The Bake Off tent is equipped with the latest in baking technology including ovens with retractable doors.

“Where’s the door gone?”

Hammond stares for a moment before realising what happened, and laughing giving audiences at home the chance to join in.

'I was destined to serve and protect'

During the showstopper challenge, bakers were to create a biscuit scene recreating what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Hammond said of her childhood aspiration: “When I was a kid I wanted to be a police officer. All I wanted to do was jump over car bonnets and save people.

“I just think I was destined to serve and protect, I really do.”

Her delivery of the statement elicits more than a few chuckles from the judges and hosts.

Shutting down Paul Hollywood

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During the same challenge, Hollywood comments on her biscuits.

He states: “They look, er, quite robust.”

However, Hammond only says: “Well that’s what I want. It’s a police station.”

A show stopping display – but for the wrong reasons

“Can I hide when we show these off?” Confidence melting away during the final stage of the competition, Hammond’s display is met with laughter when placed before the judges.

Diplomatically, Leith shares: “Icing is not your forte.”

Whereas Hollywood pulls no punches: “It is a little like a five-year-old has been given a load of biscuits to cut out.”



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