Franchising is the way to go - Suzie McCafferty

Franchising is on the rise in the UK in a big way with the latest economic figures showing that the current market is valued at £18bn.

This huge valuation is only expected to grow with current projections of the UK market suggesting it will be worth £20bn by 2024.Not only is the growth in the market expanding but also the success of franchising, with the latest stats showing that 93% of all UK franchises are profitable.

All of these factors make the UK market such a strong landing platform for companies. As we have seen with American brands such as Wendy’s coming in and earning plaudits from consumers and press upon their arrival.We are delighted to be working with Wendy’s on their UK launch. They are a perfect example of the disruptive, game-changing brands that we work with at Platinum Wave.As part of our work we aid prospective and household name brands who are looking to launch into international growth regions.

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Our leadership team brings energy, passion and unrivalled insight that is pioneering service levels and success for brands and investors in the UK and throughout the globe.Alongside our work with Wendy’s, we have worked for many years with German Doner Kebab and continue to help support their incredibly successful roll out across the UK and beyond.They are a perfect example of how a business can use franchising to facilitate huge growth.Through franchising German Doner Kebab has gone from a small start-up to a household name now bringing their game-changing kebabs to over 100 locations across the UK.Food is not the only franchisable product however and some of our other clients have achieved fantastic growth in a variety of sectors such as children’s activities, home care, education and professional services.Another one of our recent collaborations has come from the fitness sector, as we are helping North American brand 30 Minute Hit launch in the UK.Established in 2004, 30 Minute Hit is a boxing/kickboxing circuit based fitness program which empowers women and is available across the globe with classes available in Canada, US and Saudi Arabia.

Suzie McCafferty, Founder & CEO of Platinum Wave FranchisingSuzie McCafferty, Founder & CEO of Platinum Wave Franchising
Suzie McCafferty, Founder & CEO of Platinum Wave Franchising

The program utilises two-minute rounds based on boxing, kickboxing, general self defence, and core stability training to reward members with amazing fitness results.After the franchise’s great success in North America, we were delighted to help further their expansion with an exciting UK launch.They are another fine example of an overseas brand utilising the UK market and franchising scene to continue their growth.Franchising is a fantastic way to take a business global and allows consumers to experience like-for-like experiences wherever they are in the world.

If you want to make your business boom then franchising is the way to go and at Platinum Wave we are always open to helping businesses rise to the top of the market.

Suzie McCafferty, Founder & CEO of Platinum Wave Franchising



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