35 pictures of the Queen's coffin procession to Wellington Arch as public say final farewell

The Queen’s coffin has been carried from Westminster Abbey in an emotional procession to Wellington Arch.

The Queen’s coffin, followed by the King, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Sussex, Duke of York and the Princess Royal, was carried towards Wellington Arch in the State Gun Carriage as the public once again paid their respects to Her Majesty.

Thousands of people have lined South Carriage Drive to watch the hearse carrying the Queen’s coffin.

It is the first road the hearse will drive down on its way to Windsor following the funeral procession.

In some places the crowds were 30 people deep.

Mourners were seen waving flags and carrying flowers.

Every head in the crowd turned as one, as the Queen’s coffin was carried through Whitehall and the historic surroundings, past the Cabinet War Rooms, past the Cenotaph and past Downing Street.

A sea of smartphones greeted the funeral procession as it arrived in Whitehall, with the crowd descending into silence as the coffin came past.