The 12 UK areas where homes are least likely to be broken into: Scotland rated the safest according to new research

Property owners in these areas of Scotland are the least likely to suffer a housebreaking (burglary), according to a new study.

New research conducted by has ranked the UK areas with the lowest number of burglaries (or housebreakings) according to their population.

Scotland (on a technicality) experiences zero ‘burglaries’ annually. According to Crime.Scot there is no crime of burglary in Scotland, rather the term we use is ‘housebreaking’.

Housebreaking refers to theft via breaking into someone’s home or breaking in with the intention to steal.

Technicality aside (as this study factors in both ‘burglary’ and ‘housebreaking’) East Dunbartonshire was deemed the safest UK region to live in, with only 0.44 housebreakings having occurred per 1,000 people last year.

Continue reading to learn the top 12 UK areas least likely to experience a burglary or housebreaking, and how many of them are located in Scotland.

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