Netflix best true crime: Here are 5 of the best new documentaries coming to Netflix in May - including Our Father

The world’s most chilling true crime series have truly found a home on Netflix. Here are five new documentaries coming out in the next few weeks which are sure to be big hits.

Netflix are bringing some highly anticipated true crime documentaries in May. Cr: Netflix.
Netflix are bringing some highly anticipated true crime documentaries in May. Cr: Netflix.

Streaming giant Netflix will continue to see their true crime library grow, as May gets set to launch a number of chilling documentaries to the platform.

Audience desire for the latest and most shocking true crime docu-series have grown immeasurably in the past few years and streaming platform Netflix has proven to be a real catalyst for their boost in popularity, as viewers search for the most insightful true crime documentaries available.

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The most evil minds, sickening criminal acts and many of the most disturbing stories in history, true crime documentaries can be a tough watch – yet viewers are finding them increasingly addictive.

Cults, conspiracies, cold cases, whatever your favourite is, the popularity of true crime can’t be denied, and there’s no better place than Netflix for fans of the genre.

Here are five shows released in May that are sure to shock viewers.

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Our Father – Out now

Set to be one of Netflix’s most shocking true crime documentaries ever, Our Father begins when a DNA test taken by a woman in her own home reveals she has numerous half-siblings.

She later uncovers a shocking scheme that reveals fertility specialist Doctor Donald Cline had been inseminating his patients with his own sperm and is actually the sperm donor to almost 100 children.

The documentary film is almost one hour and 40 minutes long and is set to shock viewers as it unearths the story of one of the most chilling crimes ever.

Bad Hombres – Released May 14

Dutch journalist Stef Biemans travels between Guatemala and the US as he meets with the people who take on the most heavily used migration route on earth.

The series is said to show the heartbreaking reality that many face as they look to find a better life, while the flip-side of this sees the documentary maker interview a couple who are strongly opposed to immigration, as they confirmed Biemens with a Nazi flag.

Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror – Released May 18

Korean documentary filmmaker Jin-seong Choi as he attempts to tackle those who runs the disturbing online chat rooms and their links to severe sex crimes.

The show focuses on the battle to take down the 'Nth Room', a real-life case which which became the epicentre of Korea's worst sex crime ever. It details the story of how the owners of these chat rooms were taken down in a huge legal case after it was found to be manipulating girls as young as teens, who were lured in by fake promises of money, before being blackmailed by being forced to take sexually exploitative videos.

Terror At The Mall – Out now

Available to watch now, Terror At The Mall focuses on the attack which sparked a four-day siege in Kenya which saw large parts of a shopping centre destroyed.

In this true crime tale, filmmaker Dan Reed uses surveillance footage captured by security camera and never-before-seen photographs to piece together the story of the attack and subsequent tragedy which resulted in the death of 71 people.

The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar – Released May 19

This documentary focuses on the harrowing case of Argentinian José Luis Cabezas, a news photographer and reporter who worked for Noticias, a leading local news magazine.

In a crime that shook Argentina, Cabezas was found dead, handcuffed and charred, inside a burned rental car outside of Pinamar. The new Netflix true crime hit shows the tale of how his murder exposed a political and financial conspiracy.