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Red Amaryllis offers an unforgettable, heart-wrenching story of struggle and adversity underpinned by one ordinary woman’s extraordinary calling. Centred on a David Vs Goliath historical court case, this real-life memoir by author Denise E. Jacobs comes with a stark warning about an impending nuclear Armageddon. 

By Timothy Arden 

Since humankind’s earliest days, we have been fascinated by two somewhat interrelated notions. Firstly, that there may be some form of continued existence after physical death and, secondly, that the future may be knowable. 

Wars have been fought based on such predictions, and opposing armies have willingly laid down their lives in the expectation of going to a ‘better place’ if slain on the battlefield. 

That, of course, was before the trumping of superstition by science during the Enlightenment. Nevertheless, the world still has no shortage of individuals who claim to be in contact with this other dimension, and to carry messages from the afterlife to us.

The problem is, it is impossible to scientifically verify the truth of those claims. For those who have faith in a higher reality, this does not present a problem, but for the rest of us, including me, it is a very difficult issue. Many will default to an outright dismissal of such possibilities — helped in no small part by those unscrupulous people who have tried to peddle a psychic ability only to later be exposed as frauds — while others try to maintain an open mind despite a continued absence of proof. 

But, as they say, an absence of proof is not a proof of absence. While certain preternatural offshoots—such as tarot cards —can readily be discounted simply given the logical implausibility, there could be something beyond our ken, however unlikely that may be. 

This brings me to author Denise E. Jacobs, an ordinary woman who, in Red Amaryllis, has penned an extraordinary memoir that recounts her remarkable life, underpinned by an incredible mission that may only now be coming to its conclusion. 

Told in the first person and detailing a poignant, rollercoaster life story, the book explains how a humble hairdresser (albeit with an award-winning salon) and young mum from Darlington, County Durham, was singled out by those from the ‘afterlife’ to deliver the starkest of warnings to the world: an impending nuclear conflict, now just a few short years away.

You may, at this point, be rolling your eyes but, please, bear with me. I was left stunned by what I read in Red Amaryllis. While the rational part of me says it can’t possibly be true, the evidence is just too compelling to ignore.

As Denise tells it, in an engaging and conversational way, she had never suspected she may have psychic abilities until, suddenly, she started receiving premonitions at the start of the 1980s, when in her early 20s. 

Her first tangible encounter with this other dimension came not long after she became a mum, when she heard an elderly man speaking to her as she bathed her young son, Daniel. The voice urged her to move a porcelain jug from out of his reach. Moments later, while Denise was trying to find out where the voice was coming from, she heard a crashing sound coming from the bathroom. The warning had been borne out. 

The voice was that of her husband’s late grandfather, Jack. It provided details about his life that her husband, Michael, corroborated, though he had no idea how she could possibly know these things. I’ll let Denise, as she recounts in Red Amaryllis, take up the story from here: 

“Over the days that followed, I thought a lot about Jack’s visit and what it might mean. Whatever this was about, I was too far in to stop now, so I decided to work hard on fine-tuning my psychic skills. I wanted to know what was coming next and why I’d been given this ability. I wanted to know what it means to be human, and how life and death work. Whether I would find the answers, only time would tell.”

Author Denise E. Jacobs has shared her incredible journey of psychic discovery for the first time in new memoir Red Amaryllis.Author Denise E. Jacobs has shared her incredible journey of psychic discovery for the first time in new memoir Red Amaryllis.
Author Denise E. Jacobs has shared her incredible journey of psychic discovery for the first time in new memoir Red Amaryllis.

To this end, Denise honed her senses, developing her abilities. Soon, she was relaying messages received to all and sundry, being busier in this respect than a postman at Christmas. Astonishingly, all these messages about things she could never have known about, were proven correct. 

Denise’s husband’s late grandfather had been the first to speak to her, but Denise communicated with others, including her late mother-in-law, Celia. It was Celia who revealed the horrifying vision that would set Denise on her mission to alert the world to a coming global atomic conflict. Being urged to look out of the window, she reports in vivid, gut-wrenching language the following scene:

“There was a blinding flash of light followed by a deafening boom so loud my eardrums felt as if they’d shattered. I could feel blood ooze from them, my eyes felt swollen and weeping blisters appeared on my body. I put my hands over my face in a futile attempt to stop the excruciating agony. I watched the sky grow dark as the sun was obliterated by a vast, billowing mushroom cloud that rose thousands of feet as it expanded into a mass of smoke and flames and darkness that filled the horizon until it was all I could see; silent, ominous and terrifying.”

If you have any concerns about where the world is heading then you have to read this book. As we come to learn later, this nuclear Armageddon will, it is predicted, ferment within the Middle East, with Iran as the catalyst that rapidly brings all nations into a devastating Third World War. If the prediction is correct then the events leading to this global nuclear conflict will dramatically ramp up in 2025 and eventually kill billions.

So, for more than three decades, Denise has been preparing herself to share this warning in the hope that this possible future catastrophe can be averted if we, instead, all try to settle our differences and seek a more peaceful co-existence. 

Red Amaryllis is an astonishing true story of one woman’s victory against a financial giant, and the greater battle to come in convincing the world that catastrophe is approaching unless we act now.Red Amaryllis is an astonishing true story of one woman’s victory against a financial giant, and the greater battle to come in convincing the world that catastrophe is approaching unless we act now.
Red Amaryllis is an astonishing true story of one woman’s victory against a financial giant, and the greater battle to come in convincing the world that catastrophe is approaching unless we act now.

You may wonder why she is only bringing this to the table now, but in reading her warts-and-all story you can see that the intervening years have been used to gather a multitude of supporting evidence backing her claim to have psychic abilities. 

The most striking piece of evidence, and a central story within Red Amaryllis that unfolds in real time through the chapters, concerns an astonishing ‘David Vs Goliath’ eight-year historic financial legal battle with Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd which was ultimately settled with the assistance of Denise’s late brother, Paul, whom Denise says regularly contacts her. 

The events leading up to the court case—including Paul’s tragic early death from brain cancer, Denise and Michael falling victim to advanced fee fraud and almost losing everything they owned as a result, and Denise’s own battle with breast cancer twice —are truly heart-breaking to read.

But thankfully, there is a happy ending that comes down to Denise receiving a message from Paul that enables her to locate the crucial paperwork just in the nick of time, resulting in an out-of-court settlement. 

What comes across so palpably in this real-life account, and what in my opinion principally sets Denise apart from other psychics, is that there doesn’t seem to be any financial or fame-seeking motive behind her story. Instead, she seems to be a naturally shy person who has been placed into the public spotlight other than of her own choosing. 

After reading this book, which contains a curated selection of testimonies from those who have been touched by Denise’s gift, even the greatest of sceptic would be hard-pressed to deny that Denise E. Jacobs has an uncanny ability to call the future with unnerving accuracy.

Why the title ‘Red Amaryllis’? It turns out that this was the author’s favourite birthday present from her parents. In writing this stirring memoir, Denise is now passing that gift on to us all.

Everyone will be rewarded by reading this unforgettable book, but it’s our world leaders who must read it… for all our sakes, and their own sakes too.

Red Amaryllis by Denise E. Jacobs is available now on Amazon, priced £14.99 in paperback. Visit


Memoirs are usually the preserve of the rich and famous, but author Denise E. Jacobs has led such a remarkable life that her true story deserves to be told—and read.

The one thing you quickly learn by reading Red Amaryllis is not to bet against author Denise E. Jacobs. A multi-national financial firm did, and failed. Now Denise is warning that our world is in peril. Dare we not listen? 

Denise was born and raised in Darlington, County Durham. After spending time in London, training as a hairdresser with the prestigious Robert Fielding of Regent Street School of Hairdressing, she returned home to establish her own award-winning salon. Seeing herself as an “ordinary girl”, Denise was “happy to go through life blending in with the crowd”. Destiny, however, had other plans. 

Her first psychic experience came out of the blue in her early 20s when, one day, she saw within her mind an image of her father’s car involved in a car accident. The vision was over in a flash and Denise was unsure if it was just a figment of her imagination as, speaking with her dad shortly afterwards, he assured her there had been no accident. Just a few days later, though, he called back, somewhat nonplussed, to say he’d been leaving a car park when someone had reversed into his car. It had been a minor accident, yet an accident nonetheless on the day Denise said it would happen. Denise’s husband, Michael, dismissed it as a “lucky guess” but over the following months, as the lucky guesses started stacking up, he had no choice but to change his mind. 

At this stage Denise was confused about the feelings and sensations that were pulsing through her mind and, to try and help her make sense of what was happening, Michael took her to a local clairvoyance event. During the show, an apparently genuine psychic singled out Denise in the audience and told her, “You have the gift of being able to communicate with those who have departed this world and moved into the next dimension.”. The psychic also foretold that she and her husband would come to launch a new business, which was news to them. 

A sense of normality came back to the couple when Denise discovered she was pregnant with their son, Daniel. Kept busy as a new parent, Denise had little time to think about the hereafter when the here and now demanded her full attention. Yet, when Daniel was just seven months old, Denise heard the voice of her husband’s late grandfather suddenly calling to her whilst she was in the bathroom. He warned that Daniel would reach for a nearby pitcher and would hurt himself when it came tumbling down. Moments later, it happened—exactly as he’d described it. 

Central to Red Amaryllis is the David Vs Goliath historic legal battle that Denise E. Jacobs fought at the Royal Courts of Justice, and in which she received counsel from her late brother, Paul.Central to Red Amaryllis is the David Vs Goliath historic legal battle that Denise E. Jacobs fought at the Royal Courts of Justice, and in which she received counsel from her late brother, Paul.
Central to Red Amaryllis is the David Vs Goliath historic legal battle that Denise E. Jacobs fought at the Royal Courts of Justice, and in which she received counsel from her late brother, Paul.

It was a year after receiving her first message that Denise was shown the warning that would come to redefine the direction of her life. Contacted by her mother-in-law, Celia, who had recently passed away, Denise witnessed a horrifying vision of global nuclear conflict that was to come if all nations did not move from a path of aggression to world peace.

By the late ‘80s, the stage psychic’s predication that Denise and Michael would launch a new business had been proven right, with them launching a pioneering company providing video entertainment systems in taxis and aeroplanes, as we know it today. Looking to expand the business, they sought investors and after a few false starts thought they had found the perfect backers in Graham Alexander and John Butler, who were introduced to them by a financial advisor and tied agent for multinational financial services company Legal & General Assurance Society Limited. 

Sadly, as Denise and Michael were eventually to discover, Alexander and Butler were fraudsters, later to be convicted for six years for their crimes, and they duped the couple into an advanced fee fraud that left them penniless and under threat of having their family home repossessed. 

In 1992, Denise lost her younger brother, Paul, who died of brain cancer at the tragically young age of 34. Within hours of his death, however, he appeared to her to assure her of his survival and his ability to see the future, just like Celia. Promising never to leave her side, Paul became Denise’s main connection with the next dimension, and the “mentor and guide” who would help her endure many personal trials to come, including two distressing battles with breast cancer and an extraordinary eight-year historic legal battle in the Royal Courts of Justice, London. 

Denise E. Jacobs says that her main contact in the life after this life, and “pillar of strength” has been her younger brother, Paul, who died in 1992.Denise E. Jacobs says that her main contact in the life after this life, and “pillar of strength” has been her younger brother, Paul, who died in 1992.
Denise E. Jacobs says that her main contact in the life after this life, and “pillar of strength” has been her younger brother, Paul, who died in 1992.

Having been the victims of fraud and continuing to fight for survival, Denise and Michael decided, in 1996, to sue Legal & General, whose representatives had arranged the financial business package. It appeared to be an unwinnable case. The couple were pitted against a company with access to the best team of lawyers that money could buy. Undaunted, Denise taught herself law, and did so while undergoing gruelling chemotherapy, but it seemed like it would all be for naught as the paperwork confirming that the representative had authority to act for Legal & General was missing. Worse, if she and Michael lost the case then they would be liable for all Legal & General’s court costs, which amounted to many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

However, at the last minute, Denise was able to secure an out-of-court settlement “on the steps” from Legal & General, after producing the vital documents—thanks to Paul, who she refers to as a constant “pillar of strength”, revealing their exact location.

That was in 2002 and since that time Denise has been readying to share her incredible account to the world. She says that her late brother Paul has been helping her and has held her back from doing so until now, as “the clock is ticking” and, she fears, a devastating nuclear war will begin in only a few short years unless we all act to change the future. 

In some ways, her story is like that of Erin Brockovich, the American environmental activist who taught herself law to take on utility giant PG&E. The difference, however, is that, as she explains, “Everything I have gone through has been for the ultimate reason of securing world peace by proving to people, especially world leaders, that there is a far greater higher power out there watching over us, and holding us to account for our actions.”.


As her sensational true life story attests, author Denise E. Jacobs is a survivor. Now she wants all of humanity to survive by coming together to avert an impending nuclear world war. We spoke with Denise to find out more about her psychic gift, and her warning of impending global nuclear conflict. 

Q. As you explain in Red Amaryllis, you aren’t particular comfortable with being described as a ‘psychic’. How would you wish to be known?

A. Lol! Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Ghost always makes me laugh because she didn’t want the ability but had it nonetheless, and spent the whole film trying to convince everybody she had something important to pass on. Obviously, I’m joking here but the point remains that I am just a normal person with an unusual ability, so I wish to be known as Denise.

Q. What do you think people will get from reading Red Amaryllis?

A. An inspirational true story of a woman who survived cancer twice, had to represent herself and her husband in a High Court case, had to teach herself law to do so, and dragged herself across the finishing line. Despite this, along the way she picked up a collection of testimonies from extremely credible sources to attest to her being a genuine, if reluctant, medium and thus giving evidence there is a life after this life.

Q. Writing a book is challenging. What are you most proud of?

A. Achieving it! And doing exactly what was asked of me by my late brother, Paul, after he left this world for the next, when I’ve never written a book in my life. I’d rather stick a rusty nail in my head than write another one!

Q. What would you say to people who don’t believe in psychic abilities?

A. First of all, I empathise with your position because I am generally cynical as well. Caution is a very important trait to have. There are so many fraudsters. However, a true psychic gives evidence of something they could never have known about, and often the recipient didn’t know about the evidence at the time either. I would invite people to realise that there are many psychic fraudsters in operation, so please don’t let the frauds ruin the reputation of those who are genuinely psychic.

Q. Why do you think you were put through so much trauma and had to sacrifice so much to bring you to where you are now?

A. A few reasons.  We all have our lives to lead and I’m no different to anyone else.  But my life thus far, and the historic legal battle, taught me focus, commitment and sheer f—ing will (I like that line from the film John Wick). I was able to learn the law, which has helped me immeasurably, and I suppose you can’t write a book or a movie to convince people that I have seen the future unless it is full of as much drama as my life story. But the biggest lesson of all was my faith in that no matter what obstacles came my way, I would somehow overcome them. What I didn’t expect was how it was going to happen—something you couldn’t make up no matter how you tried.

Q. Can you describe how you receive messages?

A. I am sure each genuine psychic out there probably has a different experience. For me, it generally begins with a huge feeling in my solar plexus. It takes a lot of concentration and focus to pass along the right information. I tend to just see the images or messages in my mind’s eye, sort of like a really vivid memory. If you close your eyes and imagine your bedroom, with all the details from your memory, you can see it, right? Well, it’s the same thing. It takes a lot of practice over many years, but that’s kind of how it works.

Q. What happens to people after we die?

A. I have been taught that all humans have a soul. At the point that we call ‘death’ this soul then transitions into the next dimension, whatever that is. It then becomes our next home.  I know that there’s some degree of judgement in the way we behaved in our lives upon arrival. I’ve been told that the universe is far too complex for humans to understand, but I do know love is a consistent theme, as cheesy as that might sound. Oh … and sadly, we don’t eat or drink there so no more chocolate for me, then.

Q. You have described your gift as a burden. Why is that, and how did you come to terms with your gift?

A. My gift is very controversial so I’m constantly being judged and accused wrongly by the cynics, who say that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that I’m only doing it for the attention. The toughest part is having to carry out the instructions I’ve been given and then being accused of making it up by those who do not want to listen. Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and imagine how you would deal with it? It took me ages to come to terms with my gift. Quite frankly, I still have difficulty as it’s all so astonishing to be able to do what I can do.

Q. Your book is packed with testimonials from those you have helped with your gift.  Is there one particular example that sticks in your mind?

A. All of them are as extraordinary as each other, but there are many, many more testimonies I couldn’t fit in. Saying that, to be able to tell one person the answer to ten questions, in the correct order, without her having asked me those questions in the first place blew me away. After I listed them, she took her note out of her handbag and her list of questions matched each answer I had given her in the correct order.  I can’t tell you about more as they will be spoilers for when you read the book but trust me when I say, they will all blow the reader away and make them pinch themselves to make them remember this is a true story and not fiction.

Q. You claim that you have received messages that World War Three is approaching. Where and when will this begin?

A. The political epicentre of the series of events leading to WWIII will begin in the Middle East (with Iran as the catalyst). It will begin ramping up in 2025 and will rapidly force all nations, including superpowers, into taking sides. The year 2025 will be the start of the point of no return.  

Q. What do you want to say to the world leaders?

A. All of you, no matter who you are, or what your personal beliefs may be, must grasp that all your actions, past and present, and future are accountable for by a power far greater than you can imagine, as you will learn from the book.

Q. What can ordinary people do to help avert a new world war?

A. This is a very difficult one to answer because I’m not an activist myself. I would imagine people can keep politically active but without hate in their hearts. More importantly, it is about influencing politicians to push for peace but at the same time to stand up to all radicalisation. It’s a case of finding a healthy balance between acceptance, tolerance, and common sense.