Munros to bag near Edinburgh: 21 Recommended Munros close to Scotland’s capital

Arthur’s Seat may be a popular choice for hill walkers in Edinburgh but there are many other scenic - and challenging - hikes all within driving distance of the Scottish capital.

Tourists may associate the name Big Ben with London exclusively but here in Scotland we have many “Big Bens” of our own. Why are so many mountains here named Ben? Well, for those that know how to read a Scottish map, they will tell you that it comes from “Beinn” which refers to a hill or mountain in Scottish Gaelic.

The mountainous nomenclature doesn’t stop there, however, as we also have the term “Munro” which is one of many Scottish words and phrases that refers to the same thing. To be precise, the National Trust for Scotland tells us that a “Munro is a Scottish mountain with an elevation of more than 3,000 feet (914 metres), and you can ‘bag’ one by reaching the summit.”

All in all, there are 282 Munros to bag in Scotland and doing so is a common pastime for local Scots. So, if you’re in Edinburgh and want to enjoy some breathtaking munros (both for their beauty and challenging slopes that will leave you out of breath) without venturing to the most northerly peaks of the Scottish Highlands, here are 21 hikes to choose from.