Spotify Blend: What is Spotify Blend and how to make a Spotify Blend playlist with your friends 🎶

Looking for Spotify’s new Blend playlist feature to build an epic playlist for you and your friends but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about Spotify Blend and how to use it.

For generations, music has brought people together, from the majesty of orchestra to the mini mosh of a car ride with your own ‘awesome mix’. Recently, Spotify took group listening even further by releasing Blend, a shared playlist that fuses your favourite tracks with your friends’.

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This combines the best of Spotify’s personalisation features and collaborative playlist functions into one shared playlist for everyone to enjoy. Now, your squad can enjoy a listening session designed specifically with everyone in mind.

"Blend is a shared playlist that combines the music you and other people in the Blend listen to." - Spotify
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What are Spotify Blend Playlists?

Blend allows up to 10 users in one group to create shared playlists that merge their latest music tastes and it updates daily according to your listening habits. Blend playlists can be accessed via all accounts in a group and Spotify’s algorithm will mix-up the various songs in the collection based on what each listener is streaming.

This cuts out the conflict of creating a song-by-song playlist with friends by using algorithmic intelligence to generate one for you. As an automatic feature, this saves everyone a lot of time and effort. Once you and your friends create a Blend playlist, Spotify generates a ‘taste match score’ that highlights the similarity of your music tastes with stylish infographics which you can share on your social media.

How to create a Spotify Blend playlist:

With Spotify’s latest updates, you can ‘Blend’ with as many as 10 friends, and enjoy a personalised playlist that reflects the entire group. While users need a Spotify account to make Blend playlists, a Premium subscription is not necessary. To blend with others on iPhone or Android, just follow these simple steps:

Create and Invite: search “Blend” on Spotify’s search bar and then tap “Invite” to choose members for your group.

Blend: once your friends accept the invite, Spotify will automatically generate a shared Blend playlist, including songs that reflect everyone’s musical preferences (Note: you can even see which songs were added for which people).

Listen and Share: after all members have joined the Blend playlist, everyone will receive a custom share card that you can share directly to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook.

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New Spotify Blend Features: Music-match with your favourite artists

If you’ve ever been intrigued to learn about your favourite artist’s music tastes then Spotify Blend is for you.

A new update allows you to check, and even compare, music tastes when you create a Blend with official music artists, combining your tastes into one shared playlist.

This includes legendary artists like BTS, Camilo, Kacey Musgraves, Badshah, Kim Loaiza and more. You can check out the full list on Spotify’s blog.

Same as before, to Blend with any artist just click the link in their name above and Spotify will do the rest.

This means you can enjoy a custom playlist that merges your musical tastes with those of famous musicians.

This also includes your ‘taste-match share card’ that shows you how similar you are to them, which can be shared directly on social media.

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What are you waiting for? Get streaming!

No great concoction was made without ‘blending’ the right ingredients, and Spotify’s Blend upholds this truth in the musical world.

Music brings people together, and Spotify Blend makes it easier than ever.

With new 2022 updates and state-of-the-art algorithmic intelligence, listeners can enjoy a personalised playlist experience unlike any they’ve ever had.