20 years of Xbox: How to find the Xbox 20th anniversary museum

Travel back through 132 moments of Xbox history in the virtual museum, celebrating 20 years of Xbox.

Microsoft has been celebrating 20 years of Xbox in a variety of ways this year.

Just recently, an early release of Halo Infinite was gifted to fans of the console.

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Now, Microsoft is also inviting you to take a trip down a virtual memory lane with them.

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Here’s all you need to know about the Xbox 20th anniversary museum – and how you can see your own private Xbox history.

20 years of Xbox

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The Xbox, also known as the Original Xbox, came out on November 15th 2001 in the United States.

It was Microsoft’s first console, to be followed by four more generations of Xbox and nine models.

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It's been twenty years since the Original Xbox came out; explore what's happened since then in a virtual museum. Photo: Microsoft.

As of October 2021, it’s estimated that Microsoft has sold over eight million Xbox Series X/S consoles, demonstrating the far-reaching popularity of the consoles.

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Now, 20 years on, Xbox are looking back over the success that it’s had with all the consoles, games, and special events with a dedicated virtual museum.

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How to find the Xbox 20th anniversary museum

Your own personal museum section contains stats and details about your past experience with Xbox. Photo: Microsoft.
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You can find the Xbox virtual museum at this website.

You’ll be prompted to sign into your Xbox account, if you’re not already, to explore the full experience.

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This will give you the chance to reflect on your own individual history with Xbox, including information on your gamer genre profile, history with the console, and your most-played games.

This personalised section is like Microsoft’s version of Spotify Wrapped, giving you insight into how you've engaged with the brand over the years.

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You can also share this personal museum exhibit with friends and followers if you choose to.

Elsewhere in the virtual museum, you’ll be able to spot fellow gamers interacting with digital exhibits that track the progress of the Original Xbox, Xbox 360, and other consoles over a 20-year timeline.

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There are 132 moments to explore further, often with video or other interactive media to enhance your experience.

Microsoft hasn’t shied away from documenting the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the history, including potentially embarrassing moments like when Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo in 2000 or the infamous Red Ring of Death that any Xbox users will remember.



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