Halo Infinite: How to download Halo Infinite Beta and will Halo Infinite be on Game Pass?

Microsoft has surprised gamers with an early release of Halo Infinite - but some players have come up against a problem with the beta.

As part of Xbox’s 20-year anniversary on November 15th, Microsoft launched the multiplayer part of its latest game, Halo Infinite, early.

All players should now have access to season one, with all core maps and battle pass features.

Any progress made in the multiplayer mode will carry over into the general release on December 8th.

However, a blue screen error is preventing players from getting stuck in.

Here’s how to download the Halo Infinite beta and solve the issue if you run into it.

How to download Halo Infinite beta

Users can download and play Halo Infinite on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, and PC in its beta version.

The beta for Halo Infinite has launched early, in honour of Xbox's 20th birthday. Photo: IGDB.

Download times have been reportedly slow on PC on Steam, with a 23.7GB download size expanding to 26GB when installed.

To play Halo Infinite, you need a minimum of Windows 10 RS5 x64 October 2018 on PCA, but Windows 10 19H2 x64 November 2019 is recommended.

You can see the full specs from Microsoft on the Halo support site.

Will Halo Infinite be on Game Pass?

Players have experienced issues with a blue screen appearing after launching the game. Photo: IGDB.

If you're looking to play Halo Infinite on an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X|S, you can access Halo Infinite through either the Microsoft Store or Game Pass

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When does Halo Infinite release in full?

This early release of Halo Infinite is only the beta version, which also explains why players came up against some bugs.

Halo Infinite will release in full on December 8th. Photo: IGDB.

The full release of the game will come out on December 8th.

What are the Halo Infinite ranks?

The lowest level is Bronze and the highest is Onyx, with four ranks in between them.

Each of the first five ranks has six levels each, while Onyx has just one, meaning there are 31 levels in total.

If you're new to ranked mode, you’ll need to complete a total of ten matches before being placed, before you can start to work your way up.

Points are decided based on performance and overall results.

Halo Infinite's ranked mode also means that your rank will be specific to whichever queue you decide to play in.

In practice, that means you’ll need to play ten matches for Solo/Duo on controller, on mouse and keyboard, and in the open queue.

From there, you can start grinding and working your way through the ranks of Halo Infinite.


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