The Scottish islands will offer the perfect staycation escape when travel restrictions are eased.

Best Scottish Islands: Here are 14 of the best and most breathtaking Scottish islands to visit - according to our readers

You don’t need to take a plane to have an amazing ‘overseas’ adventure – a boat or even a bridge is all that’s required to visit one of Scotland’s picturesque islands.

There are over 900 islands off the coast of Scotland, 88 of which are populated – with around 50 per cent of those having less than 100 people living on them.

Containing everything from perfect white sand beaches and jagged mountain ranges, to pristine lochs and some of the finest wildlife Scotland has to offer, every island has a different atmosphere and unique history.

From the remote St Kilda to the easily-accessed Arran, there’s an island for every occasion.

We asked you on our Facebook page for your favourite island getaways.

Here are 14 of the most popular.

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