Some strange animal sightings in Scotland are more credible than others.

Scottish Big Cats, Monsters and Crocodiles: Here are 10 strange animal sightings made in Scotland - from a genuine Highland puma to a crocodile hoax

Scotland is a country with vast expanses of wilderness – seemingly designed to hide weird and wonderful creatures.

In recent weeks there has been speculation that some fearsome animals have been spotted in strange places – from crocodiles near Scarborough to a big cat in the Peak District.

While many will point out that the crocodiles look suspiciously like logs, and that the ‘big cat’ could well be just a well-fed moggie, some similar sightings have been verified over the years.

This has been the case in Scotland, where there have been many odd reports of unusual creatures stalking the moors, lochs and mountains.

Many have been proven to be a hoax, while some of the most famous remain unproven to date.

Here are 10 weird animal sightings made in Scotland – from the genuine to the ridiculous.

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