Scotland’s White Sand Beaches: 13 Scottish beaches that make us feel like we’re overseas

From Barra to the Bahamas, Scotland boasts a stunning selection of white sand beaches that take your mind to the Mediterranean and beyond (well, if you’re dressed warmly!)

Scotland is famous worldwide for its natural beauty. From the award-winning Scottish Highlands, to our breathtaking glens and fascinating heritage, there are many spectacular places to visit in Scotland which is why we attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Along the coastline we can find white sand beaches that rival even the most stunning vistas of the Maldives. While they may not be “hotspots” (pun intended) for tanning due to the Scottish weather, they certainly make up for it by being strikingly beautiful natural wonders.

If you’re looking for gorgeous beach scenery without purchasing a plane ticket, check out this list of 13 white sand beaches in Scotland.