Scotland’s Glorious Glens: 13 Scots glens you need to visit including Glen Etive

Scotland boasts over forty glorious glens which attract thousands of photographers and nature enthusiasts every year in admiration of their breathtaking scenery.

Where there are mountains there are glens, and in Scotland there are many mountainous regions which are even award-winning. The word “Glen” (like many place names) originates from Scottish Gaelic and refers to a steep-sided valley. Many are U-shaped and were formed by huge glaciers carving their shape in the last ice age.

As Sir David Attenborough said, “Scotland is a wonderfully fascinating place for wildlife and nature. It has, in my opinion, some of the most marvellous landscapes and wildlife spectacles you will find anywhere.”

Now that summer 2023 has arrived, here are our top 13 Scottish glens which boast exquisite wildlife and enchanting scenery.