These are the companies that people want to work for.

Most Wanted Companies: These are the 10 British companies that most jobseekers want to work for - from Amazon to Royal Mail

New research has revealed the top companies that Brits want to work for right now.

The study by marketing training hub School of Marketing analysed the top searches for jobs and careers on Google, to see which private sector companies Brits are keenest to work for currently.

And it's supermarkets that lead the pack, attracting hundreds of thousands of clicks each month - with seven appearing in the top 10

Commenting on the findings, Ritchie Mehta, CEO of School of Marketing, said: “It’s clear where the interest in the private sector job market lies now, and it’s in supermarkets. Additionally, some supermarkets are much more popular for job prospects than others.

“With major brands at the top of many people’s minds when they begin a job search, smaller businesses need to work harder to find and attract skilled employees. One extremely effectively way to do that is to take advantage of initiatives such as the Apprenticeship Levy scheme to bring in new staff or train current ones in digital and data-led programmes, with the vast majority of the training cost covered by the levy.”

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