Fletcher's Cottage Spa, East Lothian, review - if you love baths, try the Odyssea package

This luxury experience also includes a back massage and mood-boosting facial
Archerfield Bath House, Spa. Pic: Ashley CoombesArcherfield Bath House, Spa. Pic: Ashley Coombes
Archerfield Bath House, Spa. Pic: Ashley Coombes

Showers are overrated.

I know it’s not the most eco-friendly habit, but I’ve always been more of a bath fan. As Cleopatra knew, it’s relaxing to recline in warm water, rather than being violently pelted by jets and getting shampoo in your eyes.

The people at Fletcher’s Cottage Spa were obviously thinking about people like me, when they created their Odyssea package.

It begins with an hour-long Bath Hut Experience.

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After getting changed into a robe and slippers, I’m led through their walled garden to a fancy wooden blue cabin (it’s too fancy to call it a hut).

Inside, there’s a wood-burning stove, a scented candle flickering, a copy of Vogue, plus a roll-top bath full of hot water, blue petals, suds and Voya’s magnesium-rich Aroma Bath Salts. There’s also some body lotion and sachets of masks and exfoliators on the side.

I’ve got an hour in here, and I just totally zone out, except to top up the water with hot or cold once in a while. My phone is in a locker, and all I can hear is the crackling fire, the birds tweeting as it gets dusky, and the wind. I don’t have to stare at grouting that needs to be done, like at home.

After my time is up, I dry off, cool down in the garden, then head through to the relaxation room, for the next part of the experience.

The aptly named Marine is my therapist for the hour-long back massage and mini facial. It begins with a foot bath, then I lie face down with my prune-toed feet propped with pillows.

After pressing across the blankets, my back is massaged, using the Voya Nourishing Body Oil with lime and mandarin, rosehip, seaweed and evening primrose, up to the base of my scalp and to my palms.

When I turn over, a hot pad is placed on my sternum, and it feels like a soothing anchor.

The facial involves lots of lovely smells and textures.

I’m cleansed, then scrubbed, with a product that contains bamboo spheres, before this potion is diluted with a light textured oil, then removed. While a mask is working its oceanic magic, there’s a scalp rub, then it’s whipped away with warm towels. My neck and the back of my scalp are massaged, and I feel like my shoulders have been unhooked and lowered about five inches.

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After I’ve been anointed with ozone-scented moisturiser, I’m decanted into their cosy lounge area, with a mango, blueberry and coconut juice.

As part of the package, you also get a Voya Pillow Heaven Spray to takeaway, so I’m definitely going to sleep well tonight.

From now on, I want all my bathtimes to be here.

Odyssea package £180 at Fletcher’s Cottage Spa, Archerfield, Dirleton (01620 897050, www.archerfieldhouse.com)



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