Stormy Scotland: Top 37 Scottish words and phrases to describe the Scots weather, from dreich to drookit

This is Scotland, a 5-minute patch of clear skies is practically a holiday and gale force winds and pouring rain is the norm - but the phrase “wet and windy” just doesn’t cut it here as over 100 Scottish words exist for ‘rain’ alone, among others.

You can expect weather to dominate the headlines this winter or - as it is with Scottish habits - to hear loads of people moaning about it as that’s our favourite national pastime.

That must also be why the word “dreich” (Scots for grey, damp or wet weather) was voted the ‘most iconic Scots word’ back in 2019. And since you’re going to hear all about the Scottish weather, why not learn how to talk about it authentically while you’re at it?

The University of Glasgow found there are 400 Scottish words for ‘snow’ and reportedly over a hundred for ‘rain’, but don’t worry (we got you) - here are just 37 Scottish words and sayings to describe our chaotic yet beloved weather.

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