21 Habits you can’t help picking up when living in Scotland, according to Scotsman readers

When Scotland, as a country, is lumped into ‘Great Britain’ or ‘the Commonwealth’ it can be easily forgotten how many different habits and customs we have here despite some cultural similarities with other nations.

Living in Scotland can be an exciting adventure that many of us are blessed to have experienced, and when you adapt to the Scottish way of life you may find you develop some habits you would never practise in other places.

Whether it be enjoying a wee cheeky pint, having a wee gander at the shops or looking for a wee bite to eat it - using Scottish words like ‘wee’ is just one of many habits the Scots have an affinity for that can rub off on you.

But is there more to it than that? Absolutely! We asked you, our Scotsman readers, what’s a ‘habit you can easily pick up living in Scotland’ and you answered passionately - here are 21 of those answers.