Scotland’s Most Beautiful Churches: 21 Breathtaking Scottish Churches voted by Scotsman readers

Whether you’re practising faith, planning a wedding, or just in search of some stunning Scottish architecture, these churches in Scotland have got you covered.

From overgrown ruins to magnificent cathedrals, Scotland has something for all aficionados of history, architecture and faith when it comes to the churches on display here. Some like Mackintosh Church in Glasgow are famous for being designed by legendary architects like Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Others, like St Giles’ Cathedral in the historic Scottish capital of Edinburgh, have recently dominated headlines for acting as the site where Queen Elizabeth II lay at rest while her body was in Scotland after passing away in Balmoral.

The BBC tells us that the “history of Christianity in Scotland goes back to 400 CE” and so these houses of worship scattered across the country represent a prominent aspect of our Scottish heritage. That said, here are 21 incredible churches in Scotland that were voted in by our Scotsman readers, we hope you enjoy them.

Disclaimer: the list is entitled “Scottish churches” but some liberties may have been taken as to what falls under this term e.g., ruins.