Scotland’s Favourite Scottish Sayings: 40 Popular Scottish phrases voted by Scotsman readers

Scotland’s unique phrases can be insightful and offer much-needed perspective while others like “yer bum’s oot the windae” are just plain funny.

Scottish words and sayings, combined with a world-famous accent, can easily make the English used here sound like a totally separate tongue. It aptly reflects the fact that Scotland historically never had one uniform language spoken by all its ancestors (and to this day we still have languages like Scots and Scottish Gaelic.)

In the Scottish Highlands you were more likely to encounter Gaelic once upon a time while in the lowlands Scots was preferred.

We asked our Scotsman readers what “their favourite Scottish saying is” and they offered spectacular answers from “yer lookin’ peely wally” (you look sick) to the classic “whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye” (what’s meant to be will be!)

These are forty of Scotland’s favourite Scottish sayings and phrases as voted by our Scotsman readers.