Mispronounced Scotch Whisky Names: 17 Whiskies often misread, Gaelic meaning and pronunciation explained

Scotch whisky is celebrated worldwide but many don’t know that this ‘water of life’ originates from ancient Scottish distilleries that have their names rooted in Gaelic.

Mispronunciation in Scotland is nothing new, Scottish place names often challenge tourists as our heritage of Gaelic, Norse and Pictish (amid other languages) leads to some unique titles.

However, for uisge beatha (Scottish Gaelic for whisky or “water of life”) it may come as a surprise to some how unfamiliar many are with their pronunciations as it is one of Scotland’s biggest exports.

The Scotch Whisky Association said that “there are 53 bottles of Scotch Whisky exported every second to markets all over the world”. As Scotch Whisky distillery names are linked to Gaelic (which you’re familiar with as some English words are derived from Gaelic) it complicates things for English speakers as a Celtic language.

From the Scottish Highlands to the Lowlands, here are 17 of Scotland’s most famous distilleries, their meaning in Gaelic and how to pronounce their names today.

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