These 10 locations are said to be the most haunted in Scotland. Cr: Getty Images

Haunted Scotland: Here are the 10 most haunted locations in Scotland 2022

As Halloween edges ever closer, we look at which Scottish locations are reported to have the most paranormal activity.

With just 10 days until Halloween, many people are on the look out for a spooky adventure.

Google searches for ‘haunted places’ have shot by an incredible 104% in the UK alone over the last month – and it made us think, where is the most haunted location in Scotland?

Thankfully, we came across some brand new research from Stelrad that has revealed 10 Scottish locations that have reportedly seen a hive of paranormal activity.

To find this out, the research looked into variations of terms to extract average monthly searches per location, Instagram hashtags, and Tripadvisor data consisting of ratings, reviews and the total number of spooky mentions.

So, without further ado here are 10 of the most haunted places to visit in Scotland at witching hour.

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