15 of the most haunted castles and historic sites in Scotland

With its bloody history, it's hardly surprising that Scotland is reputedly the home of hundreds of supernatural spirits.

Edzell Castle in Angus is one of many historic sites across the country reputed to host supernatural spirits.
Edzell Castle in Angus is one of many historic sites across the country reputed to host supernatural spirits.

Here are 15 of the country's most haunted sites.

Skaill House is built in the periphery of neolithic settlement Skara Brae. The property is thought to be built on an ancient burial ground with visitors reporting sightings of ghostly figures in Skaill House itself.
This coastal fortress is as haunted as it is iconic. Situated near Stonehaven, the 14th century castle is thought to be home to a family of ghosts, including a Nordic looking man who is said to pace around the guard room.
Eilean Donan is steeped with history and reportedly inhabited with spirits. Spanish soldiers were housed at the castle during the Jacobite rebellion and one Spaniard is said to haunt the castle's gift shop.
For two centuries, visitors to St Andrews Cathedral have reported the sighting of a lady wearing white gloves and gliding through the castle's grounds.
Dunrobin Castle is straight out of a fairytale, but in recent years Dunrobin has played host to an ongoing ghost story. The castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a kidnapped bride who fell to her death from one of the castle's windows.
Inveraray's setting above Loch Fyne is idyllic, but the Argyll castle is reputedly the haunting of several ghosts. A young Irish harpist murdered in the 17th century reportedly stalks guests in the MacArthur room.
The Old Tay Bridge collapsed during stormy weather in 1879 resulting in the death of up to 75 civilians travelling aboard a passenger train. Some say the train can be seen crossing the River Tay where the original bridge would have once stood.
Stirling Castle served as centre stage during Scotland's formative years, and a number of its former residents apparently haunt its chambers and grounds to this day. Among its ghosts is a highlander frequently mistaken as a tour guide.
This awesome structure to the south of Edinburgh has a haunting history. Owned by the St Clair family, a spirit flame is said to flicker whenever a member of the family is about to die.
There are many spirits that go bump in the night at this Aberdeenshire castle, including the ghost of a drummer and a trumpet. A local tale says that if the trumpet can be heard, death is on its way.
It is claimed that a lady in green strides along the castle's ramparts ahead of momentous occasions for the castles residents Clan Campbell. If she is smiling then it is good news, if she is weeping then it most certainly isn't.
Culloden Moor was the site of the bloody end of the third and final Jacobite rebellion and perhaps unsurprisingly is a hotspot for spiritual sightings. Ghostly reenactments of the battle have been spied by visitors.
Many residents of Edzell village maintain that a ghost known as the White Lady haunts the first floor of this striking castle. Some claim the phantomlike figure is that of 15th Century Earl, David Ogilvy.
A spirit at this capital city graveyard has reportedly left visitors with scratches and bruises over the years and is regarded by some as the world's "most dangerous poltergeist".
Perched precariously on the Ayrshire Coast, Culzean Castle is claimed to be the home of several ghosts, including a piper who fills the castle's grounds with his instrument's distinctive tones.