Best of Sir David Attenborough: 29 Epic quotes starting with his feelings for Scotland

At 97 years of age, Attenborough has explored all of Earth’s continents and inspired people worldwide with their natural beauty.

Sir David Attenborough turned 97 this year and his career - which began in 1952 - has led him through an incredible journey which has resulted in him being regarded as Britain’s most beloved broadcaster by many.

With his captivating narration in iconic documentaries like Blue Planet, Attenborough offers a wealth of wisdom on politics, human nature and the environment. In fact, despite having explored every continent on the planet, he commented that Scotland still had “some of the most marvellous landscapes and wildlife spectacles” on offer; a testament to our wee country.

His latest documentary entitled ‘Wild Isles’ has just hit the public in 2023 and it is already being called a ‘must-see’ by fans of his work. To celebrate his legacy and understand his beliefs about the world, here are 29 quotes from Sir David Attenborough.