Abandoned Scotland Then and Now: 10 beautiful Scottish locations left to rot over time and how they look today

Despite being seemingly pointless in the modern world, abandoned places in Scotland hold powerful reminders of where we came from and the ruthlessness of the passage of time - what could now merely be seen as a roof above pigeons’ heads to some was once home to thriving communities of people.

Scotland is an ancient land that boasts a colourful yet dark history that has seen it become a graveyard of sorts for all kinds of abandoned locations. Hospitals with abusive physicians, thriving communities that became ghost villages and a surplus of castles that endured bloody conflict are but a few examples of locations still, but barely, standing in today’s world that offer a glimpse into the past.

Regardless of how we feel about their legacy, what’s for sure is that these irreplaceable sites and their insight into history is being lost as they are left abandoned to fall into disrepair. To show you what we mean, here are 10 Scottish locations then and now that offer a sobering glimpse into the widespread disrepair we see across the country’s ancient architecture.

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