9 ancient traditions and Celtic customs of Scottish Spring starting with Beltane’s Day

Our ancestors celebrated the Spring equinox because it marked the time when night and day stood equal, bringing new life and light after the harsh Winter.

Known as ‘Alban Eiler’ (associated with ‘Alba’ for Scotland in Gaelic), the spring equinox or ‘Light of the Earth’ takes place on March 20 and historically it marked a day of rare balance that was a key date for nature and magic for ancient Druids.

This is likely why many superstitions and traditions in Scotland are linked to Spring with some seasonal customs said to predict the health of families, livestock and crops for the year to come. Just as our ancestors celebrated Halloween or the curious history of Christmas in Scotland, during Spring many rituals were carried out for fortune telling or warding off evil spirits.

Here are 9 ancient traditions of Spring in Scotland, some ancient and long-forgotten and others still practised today.