15 weird things Scots do that the rest of the world doesn’t - from ‘clapping’ dogs to unicorn worship

Scots have no shortage of quirks and customs that are seemingly unique to Scotland, but what is commonplace here could raise eyebrows elsewhere.

Gorgeous scenery and rich history are aspects of Scotland that make it a world-famous place to visit, but the country has plenty more to offer.

It’s said that “people make Glasgow” and it’s also true that “people make Scotland” – as it is the country’s residents that add to its colourful culture with their various customs and quirks that you wouldn’t expect to find anywhere else on Earth.

Recently, we asked our followers ‘What are weird things that Scots do that the rest of the world don't?’ and compiled some of their answers into this list.

Carry on reading below to discover 15 of these ‘weird things’ that people in Scotland do that - seemingly - the rest of the world does not.

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