The Brahan Seer, Scotland's very own Nostradamus, was gifted with “the sight” - but how many of his prophecies came true?

13 Prophecies of the Brahan Seer, Scotland’s own ‘Nostradamus’ (some fulfilled others looming)

History speaks of mysterious men like Nostradamus who had the alleged power to see the future, but did you know Scotland had one too? Legends say that Scottish farmhand Kenneth MacKenzie or the ‘Brahan Seer’ also had “the sight”.

Born in the 17th century in Uig on the Isle of Lewis, the Seer or ‘Dark Kenneth’ as he was known by some (Gaelic: Coinneach Odhar) reportedly belonged to the MacKenzie Clan. He worked as a farm labourer at the Brahan estate, seat of the Seaforth chieftains, but both the Seer and the Seaforths would meet their intertwined fates at the hand of his ‘dark’ powers.

Legend has it that he gained clairvoyance after napping on a fairy hill and finding a small stone with a hole carved through its centre in his coat when he woke up, peering through this object bestowed the ‘second sight’ upon him but cost him his vision in that eye. While some sceptics doubt his existence it is known that there are records of a man who lived in the 16th century called ‘Coinneach Odhar’ who stood accused of witchcraft.

Many of the Brahan Seer’s prophetic visions did come true in the years following his death, while others still loom over us… Here are 13 of his prophecies with two yet to pass:

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