Data Capital podcast: how data and AI are powering a robotics revolution

In the fifth episode of The Scotsman's Data Capital series, we discuss how data and artificial intelligence are powering a new generation of robots - which could revolutionise many aspects of our modern lives.

We hear from Professors Helen Hastie and Yvan Petillot, who are leading the project to create a National Robotarium at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in early 2022.

They talk about recreating real situations in 'living labs' at the Robotarium, to build on existing work on how robotics can improve our lives.

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Prof Hastie, an expert in human-robot interaction, discusses how robots can support our physical and mental health by identifying changes in behaviour, sending alerts after falls, reducing loneliness and much more.

Picture: Heriot-Watt

Prof Petillot talks about his work in sending robots into harsh environments where humans cannot go - such as checking on pipelines on the ocean floor.

The Professors go on to discuss a fascinating range of issues - including 'How human do we want our robots to look?' and the potential for the Robotarum to be a world-leading facility to develop the brightest young robotics talent.

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