Whamageddon: What is Whamageddon, how to play and why are people avoiding listening to Last Christmas

What is the social media trend Whamageddon - nd why are people trying to avoid listening to Last Christmas by Wham!?
What exactly is Whamageddon and how do you play? Cr: Getty ImagesWhat exactly is Whamageddon and how do you play? Cr: Getty Images
What exactly is Whamageddon and how do you play? Cr: Getty Images

If you've had year eye on social media recently, you may have noticed many of your friend, colleagues and followers admitting to 'losing the game' of Whamageddon and wonder just exactly what the term means.

Quite why so many people are choosing to turn down the chance to listen to Christmas classic 'Last Christmas' by Wham! has been a mystery to many, though Whamageddon has been present in social media circles for well over a decade now - and once saw a man have to make a public apology (more on that later).

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However, if you're new to Whamageddon and what to know more about where it came from, its origins and how to play the game, we have everything you need to know.

What is Whamageddon, what does Whamageddon mean, what is the game Whamageddon

Whamageddon is a title that has been given to a niche brand of Christmas game being played around the country.

In short, Whamageddon is a game that begins 24 days before Christmas where those taking part attempt to spend the day between December 1 and Christmas Eve without hearing the festive jingle 'Last Christmas' by 1980s pop icons Wham! Described as a "survival" game, Whamageddon has increased in popularity year upon year, with more players taking part each December.

Want to know where it began, how to play and the rules of the game? Then read below to find out more.

When did Whamageddon start, Whamageddon origins

Like many social media trends, the term Whamageddon came from a small online community and began in a very niche way. According to the legend, the very first mention of Whamageddon sim racing-themed online forum known as GTPlanet back in 2010.

The thread, titled GTPlanet vs. Wham! - Last Christmas, simply began a game that meant during the month of December until midnight on 31 December, the song Last Christmas by the George Michael fronted pop band Wham! could not be listened to nor mentioned by forum members.

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Six years later, the trend evolved and moved onto Facebook with a group page titled 'Whamageddon', which defined the rules of the game and what the game entails.

Hilariously, a DJ at Northampton Town's Sixfields Stadium had to publicly apologise to 7000 fans who he had upset after playing the song with the sole intention of making everyone present lose. Seriously.

How do you play Whamageddon, what are the rules of Whamageddon

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The rules of Whamageddon are very clear, easy to follow but - perhaps most importantly - difficult to avoid.

As defined by the aforementioned 2016 Facebook page of the same name, Whamageddon players must do the following:

  • Go as long as physically possible without hearing Wham!'s song Last Christmas between the dates of December 1 and midnight on December 24.
  • Remixes, covers and other non original versions of the song are not included in this list. Only the original version of Last Christmas is to be counted.
  • As soon as you Last Christmas is heard by the player, they are considered out of the game and have basically lost. Once the loss is confirmed, the must simply type #Whamageddon via their social media page.
  • Players are actively discouraged from trying to catch their friends out by sending them YouTube links or links to the song. People do it sometimes but it is frowned upon by players.

How do you win Whamageddon

That is the easy bit. Quite simply, if by midnight on December 24 you have successfully avoided listening to the original version of 'Last Christmas' by Wham!, you have won.

There is no prize and nothing to really gain apart from your sense of pride that you did what most people simply can't. Well done you.



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