The Scotsman film podcast chat film tourism, Stanley Kubrick exhibition review, Sam Rockwell on Broadway reaction and Will Smith in King Richard

The Scotsman’s film podcast Not Everyone’s A Film Critic have gone global, as engagement writers Graham Falk and Dave Hepburn chat the new Stanley Kubrick exhibition in Madrid, walking the ‘Joker’ stairs in NYC and Sam Rockwell’s Broadway performance.

Join us as The Scotman’s self confessed film fanatics, myself and Dave Hepburn bring you episode eight of our brand new ‘vodcast’ (Not) Everyone’s A Film Critic.

We have been away for a fortnight after taking some well earned holiday time, but we return with a brand new logo to marvel at and a suitcase full of film based tales from our jaunt abroad.

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After dissecting Netflix’s latest new hit Boiling Point and giving their opinions on the Oscars results in episode seven, the show returns with a slight twist alongside all the good stuff you’re already getting used to.

A woman looks at a display from the movie "The Shining" is seen at an exhibition of items from 13 movies of director Stanley Kubrick. (Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images)

Alongside reviews of the films we both saw this week, myself and Dave delve deep into the world of film tourism, or film induced tourism – a supposedly niche form of tourism where visitors (such as ourselves!) explore locations and destinations which have become popular due to their appearance on the big screen.

There are reviews of new Sky Cinema exclusive film Kimi, which stars The Batman’s Zoe Kravitz, while we also finally get to discuss the film that won Will Smith his coveted Oscar – King Richard.

However, this week’s show focuses on the duo’s film tourism, as Dave visited the Stanley Kubrick exhibition in Madrid. The exhibition* is discussed in detail as we delve deep into which treasures can be found within the legendary directors most iconic films, such as The Shining and Clockwork Orange.

Broadway is back in full swing in New York City and I, a previous theatre sceptic, give a run down of the shows I managed to take in on Stateside, including how it felt to be just inches away from Academy Award winner Sam Rockwell and Emmy award winning actor Laurence Fishburne – spoiler: it was pretty cool.

We also chat the pros and cons of film tourism, after the famous ‘Joker stairs’ in New York’s Bronx became subject of much anger when it was taken over by tourists upon the film’s release in 2019 – can film tourism sometimes be a bad thing?

We reminisce about our favourite ‘film sets’ we have visited and where is cool in Scotland to visit for film fans and which has been.

It is another jam packed episode, and we’d love it if you’d join us.

What do you want to see us discuss on the next episode? Let us know!

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*In the podcast it is mentioned the Stanley Kubrick exhibition will be coming to London. Since the recording of the show, it has turned out this is inaccurate – apologies.