Shudder: How to get Shudder free trial, best films on Shudder UK, how to watch Skinamarink

Horror subscription service Shudder has become one of the fastest growing platforms in the UK after terrifying films such as Skinamarink becoming exclusive to the service.
Streaming service Shudder is currently streaming the "scariest film ever" in Skinamarink. Cr: BayView Entertainment/ShudderStreaming service Shudder is currently streaming the "scariest film ever" in Skinamarink. Cr: BayView Entertainment/Shudder
Streaming service Shudder is currently streaming the "scariest film ever" in Skinamarink. Cr: BayView Entertainment/Shudder

Are you getting bored of scrolling Netflix and watching the same old comfort TV show? Or maybe you have moved to Amazon Prime but have not found enough horror to satisfy your needs? Or just want a streaming service that will stream some of the world’s scariest films?

Well you no longer need to worry, with horror streaming service Shudder launching some of the most talked about horrors of the year.

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Originally launched in 2015, the horror film streaming service has grown in popularity year on year, with many horror fanatics now seeing the monthly subscription service as the go to service for all their spooky needs.

With a number of Shudder originals and its very own Shudder TV combined with horror classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Night of Living Dead available to stream, the platform also offers plenty of critically-acclaimed modern horrors such as The Void and The Night Eats the World. Terrifying new horror Skinamarink is also scaring audiences throughout the country and available on Shudder.

The streaming service celebrated reaching over a million members in 2022 and has grown even more popular over the past few months.

While there are numerous platforms that offer a sound selection of horrors, few have offered a more well-rounded collection of movies than Shudder.

Here’s all you need to know about Shudder – plus how to get a free seven day trial.

How to get Shudder on your TV

Very similar to other streaming services, Shudder is available via numerous different channels.

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To get started, all you need to do is register for a free account here, chose a username (normally your email) and password, then choose the subscription package which suits your needs the best.

If you’re familiar with Netflix or Amazon Prime, the interface is very similar and incredibly user-friendly, showing a list of popular movies, TV shows and shows and documentaries available via the platform.

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Whether you like psychological thrillers, creature features or paranormal horror films, Shudder allows you to search by genre, making it even easy to choose the perfect film for Halloween – and beyond.

There are also curated lists from famous horror movie directors, actors, and fans.

How can I watch Shudder

You can watch content on Shudder via many of your favourite streaming platforms by simply downloading the app and logging into with your account details.

Shudder is available the Apple App Store, Amazon FireTV, Google Play, Roku and Xbox One, as well as your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Best films on Shudder, how can I watch Skinamarink

Said to be the “scariest horror film ever made” Shudder is currently exclusively streaming experimental horror flick Skinamarink via their service. The independent release is believed to have cost just $15,000 to make and is directed, written and produced by Canadian Kyle Edward Ball.

Other films on Shudder that fans are raving about are: Speak No Evil, Possession, The Apology, Holidays and Tourist Trap.

How do I get Shudder seven day free trial, how much does Shudder cost

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However, should you enjoy your first week on the platform, then subscription package costs are an absolute bargain, and there are two options to choose from.

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Like many streaming platforms, Shudder offers a month to month, no contract subscription which costs just £4.99 per month, with availability to cancel at any time.

However, if you enjoy your free seven trial so much you want to take out a year long package, you will save money by paying in bulk for the year, meaning you get access to Shudder’s entire catalogue for just £3.99 per month.

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