Saw Movies In Order: How to watch every Saw film in the correct order - including Saw X

Are you watching the Saw films in order? Here's how to every Saw horror film in the order of how events in the film happened.

Here's the order in which to watch the Saw movies. Cr. NetflixHere's the order in which to watch the Saw movies. Cr. Netflix
Here's the order in which to watch the Saw movies. Cr. Netflix

Saw has been one of the most loved horror franchises since it first landed on the big screen just under 20 years ago and has gone on to produce a further nine movies - all to a degree of success.

The latest edition to the franchise - Saw X - has been one of the franchises' best received editions and takes viewers back to the early days of Jigsaw meaning almost anyone can watch the film without feeling like they need to watch the other nine movies.

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However, if you're completely new to the Tobin Bell films and want to ensure you're watching the films in the order of when they took place in the Saw world, then this is the best way to watch them!*

*There are also currently four Saw movies available on Netflix UK!

Jigsaw (or at least half of it)

The seventh film in the franchise actually takes place before the events of Saw. 'Jigsaw' follows five unexpecting individuals wake up in a bar filled with contraptions that have been set by the main perpetrator and it is one of his very first set ups, with this part of the film set to take place before the events of Saw 1.


Understandably perhaps, the first film in the franchise is one of the best to start with as it takes place well before the current day storyline. It is quite clear from the film that it isn't John Kramer's first rodeo that takes place in the movie, however, in the film version this is the first and original Saw and includes his two conspirators: Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman.

Saw X

Okay, so the most recent film and the 10th in the series comes next. Released literally weeks ago, Saw X (or Saw 10 if you prefer) takes place in between both Saw 1 and Saw II and saw John Kramer in the weeks after the events of Saw 1 following his cancer diagnosis.

Saw X follows Kramer as he travels to Mexico in order to find a miracle cure alongside Amanda Young, who is still learning the ropes. Taking place around a year before Saw II, it details how the Jigsaw baton was passed from Kramer to Amanda. There's also nods to Saw III and Saw VI.

Saw II

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Next up is the film's second instalment - though there is a flashback to a Kramer suicide attempt which takes place before Saw.

The film shows Detective Eric Matthews attempting to find his son and arrest Jigsaw as eight people battle a house filled with poisonous gas.

Saw III and Saw IV

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Oddly, both of these films are supposed to have taken place six months after the events of Saw II - thus making them the next film to watch in the Saw franchise. However, there is another flashback to the early days of Kramer that depict and accident which happens at rehab clinic in that caused John Kramer's wife, Jill Tuck to have a miscarriage and become Kramer's first victim in Saw IV.

Saw V

Spoiler alert! - Following the death of John Kramer due to cancer, Saw V begins. We also get a flashback as to how Mark Hoffman was recruited by Kramer when he murders a convicted murderer in the opening scenes and makes to look like a Jigsaw killing.

Saw VI

Closely aligned to Saw V, this film takes place around six months after the events of that edition of the franchise.

It is another film that offers viewers a pre-Saw flashback though when we see health insurance executive William Easton deny John Kramer coverage that may have saved his life, while we also discover the part Amanda Young's played in the miscarriage of Kramer's wife.

Saw: The Final Chapter (or Saw 3D)

This film introduces us to Bobby, a man who falsely claimed he escaped a Jigsaw deathtrap to get famous. We also learn that (spoiler alert!) Saw I victim Dr. Lawrence Gordon actually survived long enough to cauterize his severed leg on a pipe and pass out, was found by Kramer and then made to part of Jigsaw's empire working behind the scenes.

Jigsaw (the other half of the film anyway!)

The second part of Jigsaw takes place a whole decade after the death of John Kramer and follows two detectives named Halloran and Hunt.

Spiral: The Book Of Saw

And finally we have The Book Of Saw. A film which doesn't really specify the years it took place, but definitely happened years and years after the storyline we follow in Saw.



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