This is how to watch Piers Morgan's Baby Reindeer interview with 'real life Martha' on Uncensored

Baby Reindeer - the ‘true story’ of comedian Richard Gadd’s experience with a stalker and as a victim of sexual violence - is one of the most talked about series of 2024.

The woman who has been branded the ‘real life Martha’ from Richard Gadd’s acclaimed true life Netflix drama Baby Reindeer will be interviewed by Piers Morgan.

In the series, which is an adaptation of Richard Gadd’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe show of the same name, a fictionalised version of Gadd (Donny, played by Gadd himself) is stalked incessantly by Martha (played by Jessica Gunning), a woman who sends him countless emails and voicemails as well as sexually assaulting the main character.

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The show - which also shows how Gadd was raped by a prominent comedy writer/producer name Darrien in the story - is billed as a ‘true story’.

Now a woman called Fiona Harvey has given an interview with Piers Morgan for his Youtube channel Uncensored in which it is claimed she will ‘set the record straight’.

How to watch Piers Morgan interview with Fiona Harvey

The interview episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored will be available tonight (May 9) on the media figure’s Youtube account. It will steam live from 8pm in the UK and will be available to watch from 3pm ET in America.

What has Richard Gadd said about the read Martha?

Richard Gadd urged viewers not to search for the real life versions of the characters who either stalked or raped him in Baby Reindeer.

When one person was named on social media as the potential inspiration for the character Darrien, Gadd spoke out to refute the claims.

He has also said 'Martha' had been disguised so much he did not think she would 'recognise herself'.