Have you been confused by any of these movies? Cr: Getty Images

Confusing films: Here are the 10 most confusing films of all time

A new study has revealed which 10 films have confused audiences more than any other. Do you agree?

Whether you love action movies, romance or horror, there is always that one movie that has left you scratching your head and scrambling onto Google to find the most plausible explanation?

Sometimes the ending catches you unaware – and other times, you are lost from the beginning. But which movies has confused audiences more than any other?

Well, with a little help from the team at jigsaw site Im-a-puzzle, we’ve put together a a list of 150 films which are most well known for their puzzling plots and ambiguous endings to see which online searches for each film were followed by the word ‘explained,’ to discover out which films have us the most confused of all.

How many of them have you seen?

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