These 10 new Netflix series and documentaries are set to go down a storm with viewers. Cr: Netflix

Best things to watch on Netflix 2022: 10 TV series new on Netflix UK this week - including Stutz

These are the 10 new releases coming to Netflix UK this week that we recommend you watch.

As we approach the end of the year, streaming platform Netflix are ensuring they are packing their platform with some of the most bingeable content released this year.

Last year, the streamer reportedly lost subscribers for the first time in over a decade and, after a strong recovery, Netflix are doing their very best to ensure the same doesn’t happen again in 2023.

With a great batch of original contents, documentaries and highly anticipated material coming to Netflix this week, it is safe to say the streamer is on course to end the year much stronger than it began.

And with the nights getting darker and colder, the ability to watch some bingeable content has become all the more important. So here are 10 new releases on Netflix that we recommend you binge on this week.

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