These 10 documentaries are some of the best released on Netflix this year. Cr: Netflix

Best documentaries on Netflix UK: The 10 most highly rated documentaries released on Netflix in 2022

Here are 10 of the most highly ranked documentaries released on Netflix UK in 2022 – as per Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

Netflix had a task on their hands at the beginning of 2022, with reports the streaming service had lost subscribers for the first time since 2012.

We shouldn’t have doubted them though, with the streamer making a solid comeback thanks to a terrific list of new release films, series and shocking documentaries.

In short, 2022 is proving to be the year when Netflix got its mojo back.

From the wacky to the weird, Netflix have handed viewers some top notch documentaries this year, many of which delve into a world many of us could never fathom existed.

So, if you’re tired of scrolling and need to know which new release Netflix documentary you should watch, we suggest you take a look at this handy list to help you decide.

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