Netflix have released several critically acclaimed films in 2021. Photo credit: Netflix.

Best films on Netflix 2022: Here are 10 of the most highly rated movies on Netflix UK, as per Rotten Tomatoes

With so many to choose from, choosing a Netflix film is best to watch can be tough. Here are 10 of the highest rated films released on Netflix over the past 12 months – as per Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

Friday, 21st January 2022, 1:59 pm

With millions of subscribers, Netflix has become the media hub of the film and TV world over the last decade, enjoying monumental success with various critically acclaimed feature films launching on its platform in the last 12 months.

While Netflix has been extremely popular for near on a decade now, the value of being able to stream hundreds of content at the touch of a button became all the more important when the world was plunged into lockdown at the beginning of the year, which saw the bulk of the globe stuck behind closed doors.

And though cinema’s have now reopened, Netflix has still continued to produce numerous successful films that audiences have fallen in love with.

However, with such a bulk of choice, it can become difficult to decide what to watch next.

But don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the 10 highest rated Netflix movies from the last 12 months by using ratings from well respected film review site Rotten Tomatoes.

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