Dare you watch any of these 10 highly rated Netflix horrors? Photo credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro/Netflix.

10 of the best horror movies on Netflix UK this Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve is approaching, so whether you’re a fan of the paranormal, gore or a creature feature, these 10 films available on Netflix UK are sure to satisfy horror fanatics.

Friday, 15th October 2021, 6:51 pm

With such a strong list of horrors now available on Netflix, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed with choice.

From gorefests to ghosts, slashers to old school video nasties, paranormal entities to zombie chaos, horror has an abundance of sub-genres – and what better time to delve into them than at Halloween?

Don’t stay up all night scrolling your Netflix homepage, looking to find a scary flick that suits your taste, take a look at our list of the highest rated horrors now streaming on Netflix, based on ratings from popular film review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Be be warned, you may need to watch some of these through your fingers...

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