Dare you watch these 8 horror movies filmed in Scotland? Photo credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro

8 of the best horror movies filmed in Scotland

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not check out these spooky Scottish horrors ahead of the witching hour?

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us, and with Glasgow’s historic buildings, the sweeping moors of the Highlands and Edinburgh’s haunted closes, it’s easy to see why Scotland is chosen as the backdrop for so many spooky blockbusters.

Did you know Hollywood royalty has walked the streets of Glasgow and danced in a Livingston nightclub disguised an alien from another planet? Or that Dumfries and Galloway acted as the backdrop for one of the all-time horror classics?

Well, if you’re looking for your horror films to be close to home this Halloween, check out these eight scary movies which were filmed around Scotland.

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