You looking for more scare than share this Christmas? Photo credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro

Best Christmas horror movies: 10 scary films you should watch this festive season

Is Christmas just a little too bright and sparkly for you? Then check out these Christmas horrors that will add a little bit of (frost) bite to your festive season.

Isn’t Christmas magical? Wine with the family, seeing grandma and grandad, Santa Claus, tinsel, sparkles, the flesh eating undead, sinister snowmen and celebrating the festive season with those that matter to you.

Hold on a minute...did I say flesh tearing zombies and killer snowmen?

Yes, that’s right – for many horror fanatics, Christmas simply offers another opportunity to place a twist on their favourite movie genre, as demonic snowmen, killer Santa Claus or and mythical Christmas creatures sleigh unsuspecting victims as they offer up anything but festive cheer.

So, do you want more frost bite than making snow angels? Then check out our list of the 10 best festive themed horrors which are guaranteed to delight – and fright – the family this December 25.

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