Which film podcast will be next on your list? Photo credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro

9 of the best podcasts for film fans, according to Apple Podcasts

Are you a film buff? Then here are 10 perfect podcasts available to listen to right now.

The rise of podcasts seems to have no end, with many of us making it part of our daily routine to tune into our favourite pods almost daily.

And with podcasts a plenty on every subject imaginable, it’s perhaps no surprise that film buff and cinephiles are producing some of the most listened to content on the internet.

However, with such a strong list of true crime podcasts now available via your preferred podcast platform, you’d be forgiven for not knowing which movie podcast to begin with.

Covering horror, comedy, romance, teen hits and more, film podcasts delve deep into the world of cinema to discuss the impacts, the scripts, the cast and the unknown tales of some of the world’s most loved flicks.

With unique takes on many cult classics, podcasts can offer an invaluable insight often unable be found elsewhere.

Thank fully, if you’re looking for a new podcast to feed your film obsession, we saved you the hassle of finding the pod which is most highly rated by popular streaming service Apple Podcasts.

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