Best of Banksy: 17 Iconic works of the artist in celebration of his new Glasgow exhibition opening soon

The street artist has been a global phenomenon for many years and is now bringing his art to Glasgow as his “favourite” work of art can be found there.

Known as an ‘infamous’ provocateur with his divisive political commentary, Banksy is a street artist who’s famous in all four corners of the world. The elusive graffiti extraordinaire is frequently found making headlines whether it be over new works of his art being discovered, it selling for huge sums of money or yet another debate over the legitimacy of his socio political commentary.

Recently, he’s subjugated the headlines once more over the news that his art is coming to the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow’s city centre. The exhibition, which will be his first solo show in a decade and a half, was chosen to take place in Glasgow as the Duke of Wellington statue (famous for its traffic cone) convinced the artist to go for it as the monument is his “favourite work of art in the UK”.

Speaking on the street artist’s message, Artsper Magazine said: “Haunted by political issues, he promotes messages of peace and denounces the excesses of a sick society.

“At the same time his grating humour mocks the spheres of power, sometimes even the art world itself.”

In celebration of his decision to exhibit his works in Glasgow, let’s explore the legacy of Banksy with the following seventeen murals that show his creativity.