Leader comment: Cheer actor's frankness

The decision by much-loved Gary Tank Commander star Greg McHugh to talk about seeing a therapist for anxiety as he spoke at an event on young people's mental health is to be welcomed.

Scottish role models like McHugh talking frankly about their insecurities are vital in addressing the ­stigma around mental health that can make so many young people’s lives a misery.

The fact that he addresses the Scottish background, especially in the male psyche, of using humour as a way of hiding and playing down what can end up being life-threatening problems is truly inspiring.

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This sends the message that ­mental illness does not respect success, with someone like McHugh still vulnerable to anxiety.

Prince Harry has done great work with the Heads Together charity and is to be praised for talking openly about mental health. But much as the work of the younger Royals is to be admired, it doesn’t have the same impact on Scottish young people as listening to someone they know and love like Gary Tank Commander open up to them in a way they understand.