(Not) Everyone's A Film Critic: Best movie villains and latest reviews - including Blue Beetle and Passages

The very human monster at the heart of Ira Sach's steamy love-triangle film 'Passages' inspired our movie-based chat this week.

We're talking the best movie baddies this week - from Darth Vader to 'Mandy' villain Jeremiah Sand.

Our podcaster's favourite film of the week, 'Passages', includes a spectacular turn from Franz Rogowski as a movie director so self involved he can't see when he's destroying other people's lives - and his own.

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We're less certain about many of the other films at multiplexes this week, including 'Blue Beetle', 'The Blackening', and 'Strays' (which managed to very nearly offend Graham - something we previously thought impossible).

But there's some hope, with a couple of great films appearing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival that will hopefully get distribution deals and be on screens soon - namely 'Property' and 'Raging Grace'.

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