Ticketmaster dynamic pricing: What is dynamic pricing - how does it work and how to avoid it?

Ticketmaster’s “dynamic pricing” model has been lambasted by many fans with ticket prices fluctuating based on demand – with their official site explaining “ticket prices may fluctuate based on demand at any time.”

As a result many fans have been forced to spend higher amounts than planned as demand for tickets increases.

But what is dynamic pricing? How does it work and is it going to become common in the industry?

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What is Ticketmaster Dynamic Pricing?

The Ticketmaster dynamic pricing has been criticised by manyThe Ticketmaster dynamic pricing has been criticised by many
The Ticketmaster dynamic pricing has been criticised by many

Dynamic pricing comes from Ticketmaster owners Live Nation and will see tickets increase in price in demand.

The justification for such a move is reportedly to prevent tickets being snapped up by second-hand ticket sites and also prevent tickets being transferred. The artist would also see an increased revenue as a result of tickets costing more. Traditionally - more expensive or exclusive seats are subject to dynamic pricing - e.g. front row.

Crucially, Live Nation claims that Ticketmaster dynamic pricing is enforced by the artist, and not by them automatically.

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What artists have used dynamic pricing?

Bruce Springsteen was one of the most recent artists to outrage fans with his use of dynamic pricing. Taylor Swift, Drake, Paul McCartney, The Weeknd and Alicia Keys have all used dynamic pricing in the past.

Occasionally dynamic pricing tickets have been used for VIP experiences and more.

What has Ticketmaster said about dynamic pricing?

In a statement following some backlash over dynamic pricing, Ticketmaster said in a statement: “The promoters and artist representatives determine the specific pricing for their shows.

"The biggest factor that drives pricing is supply and demand. When there are far more people who want to attend an event than there are tickets available, prices go up."

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How to avoid dynamic pricing on Ticketmaster?

Dynamic pricing increases when tickets are in demand - so in order to avoid the price increase, fans may need to wait until the clamour for tickets dies down. Ticket prices subject to dynamic prices will spike when tickets initially go on sale - and be more likely to return to initial price when other fans have bought tickets. However, such a move could result in concerts and events selling out.

Another way of avoiding dynamic ticket costs are using promotional access lists such as a pre-sale or O2 Priority.