Theatre review: I'm Missing You

1975. Sam and Maggie's 19-year-old son Ian has been missing for a year.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Greenside @ Infirmary Street (Venue 236)

Searching the London Tube ­station where he was last seen, they face a difficult decision: keep looking, and live with the uncertainty of hope, or give up and try to rebuild their lives for the sake of their younger daughter, Charlotte.

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In the event, Maggie goes home, but Sam stays on, becoming a fixture in the ­station as one decade turns into another (beautifully ­signalled on the impressive Tube station set by the changing posters on the noticeboard). The characters he encounters, all coping with losses of their own, don’t bring him answers about Ian, but they do bring a deeper understanding and compassion for those around him.

Helen Fox’s play for ­Scottish company Fox and Hound Theatre captures the pain faced by parents of the ­missing, the paralysis of not having closure, the recriminations over what one might have done wrong. Fox herself, Codge Crawford and Ellie Stevens bring the story to life, playing a demanding range of parts with considerable ability.

Until 27 August. Today 8.50pm.